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Advanced Inventory

Track Serial, Batch, Location and other Inventory Attributes.

  • Serialise your inventory by Product, Build or License number.
  • Track product expiry dates.
  • Buy/sell stock in batches.
  • Track stock by location.
  • Add more inventory descriptors with Attributes.
  • Items can have multiple Attributes.
  • Merge fields supporting standard Attributes.

Inventory Item Attributes for your specific business needs.

  • Add size, weight, colour type attributes to manage specific stock.
  • Track Warranty codes and documents.
  • Set Expiry dates for food, licences or other time-based uses.
  • Mark stock as quarantined.

Know your serialised inventory stock position

  • See the quantity of stock you have on hand, on order, committed or available.
  • Know this information down to specific serial, batch or attribute level.

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