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Light CRM  

Saasu can be used as a light CRM

  • You have the accounting information so you are already a step ahead in output and performance reporting.
  • Manage your contact correspondence – attach voicemails, documents, notes and tasks to your Contacts and Transactions.
  • Sales cycle – capture Pre-Sales opportunities and follow them through to Estimate/Quote, Order, Sale and Payment stages. Start to finish.
  • Tag Contacts – classify your contacts and opportunities using Tags. Run your reports using these Tags.
  • Campaign Management – use Tags to create classifications for industries, regions and market segments amongst your contacts that can then be exported as lists for use in the email and land mail marketing of your choice.
  • Track service tickets, tasks and file notes using Saasu’s Activities area.

Employees, clients, partners, suppliers, partners, prospects & more. Group for automated handling.

  • Manage client & prospect lists in one place.
  • Export to outlook and other formats.
  • Track employees, suppliers, competitors and more.
  • Integrate with major email mailing providers.
  • Create groups of contacts for campaigns.

Customer lifecycle management right from the start to the accounting finish

  • Pre-sales opportunity tracking. Convert them to quotes, then orders, then sales.
  • Create, schedule and track service tickets using Activities.
  • Attach notes, files and other electronic media to Activities and transactions.
  • Set up contracts with recurring charges for new customers.
  • Create a Loan payment schedule for goods sold on credit and or as a loan sale.
  • Create rental sales and track to contract end.
  • Track status. Reduce re-keying. Know where you stand all the time.
  • Automated deposit journaling for pre-payment or security deposit type purchases.


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