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Payroll & Pay Groups

Generate pays, email payslips, entitlements and payments.

  • No extra charges for tax-table updates.
  • Payroll, email payslips, prepare payment summaries.
  • Automatic tax calculation (AU).
  • Deductions such as charity donations and union memberships.
  • Entitlements such as annual and sick leave.
  • Automated feed from time sheets for staff paid based on time.


Automate employees pays, email payslips, entitlements and payments.

  • Group Payroll for five or five hundred staff.
  • Pay Groups for grouping staff by location or category of employment
  • Bulk EFT pay runs
  • Automated payslip bulk production and emailing
  • Pay officer bulk approvals
  • Generate draft bulk pay runs for a group to control total payments and data verification

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