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Point Of Sale

Starter, Small and High Volume POS Solutions

  • Starter – USB scanner to pre-fill your stock codes into Sales screens
  • Small retail situations use Saasu POS:
    • Works offline!
    • Easy to use
    • Bar-code driven
    • Full online backup
  • High volume retail use Amicus POS (Coming Soon)
    • Supermarkets: specific point of sale and management control features for supermarkets and retail to provide company wide integration and efficiency.
    • Hospitality: floor level efficiency and restaurant management features to improve your patron's dining experience and your bottom line.
    • Fuel: delivers integration from bowser to head office, provides site control and improves your fuel outlets efficiency and profitability

Centralised Inventory at last

  • One system. One record. Multi-channel. Easy.
  • Works offline or online
  • Centralised and synchronised inventory between retail outlets, online stores and travelling sales. Always feel the security of knowing everyone is looking at the same set of inventory.
  • Quick ‘sell & pay’ option for light to medium volume retailers. Shop, web, online, warehouse, more.
  • Use your USB scanner to pre-fill stock codes in our Sales screens

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