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Why AKA Group...

Because at AKA Group we are more than your Tax Accountant 

We are Your Business Builders

At AKA, we focus on your future as well as on your current position - not only on your previous financial year's results. That's why; we refer to ourselves as your business builders and partners.

When you join our firm as a client, we become as committed to your success as we are to our own success. At  AKA Group we are committed to  “your success, our goal”.   We strongly believe that by mentoring and guiding our clients to financial success is a win- win for both of us. At AKA Group  we know the more we can help you increase your financial success the happier you will be to have the AKA Group as part of your advisory team. 

Lets be honest means more fees to us, after all we are all in business to make money, either to allow us the freedom to do as one pleases, seeking financial security for later in life, helping the children or even being in a position to give back to the larger community. We do not know of anyone that goes into business to lose money. 

At AKA Group we advise businesses across many industries, with an extensive range of diverse investments. As a result, we have an outstanding knowledge of business and investment and we can create the most appropriate solution for your business, shareholders, you and your family.

Through our step-by-step process, we will help identify your needs and then work closely with you to achieve your objectives. This process of designing, planning and setting goals leads to a sustainable future by keeping your businesses and you financially on track.

Just imagine working with an advisor who:

  • Does so much more than prepare your financial statements and do your taxes.
  • Can show you how to achieve performance excellence in your business with just one step at a time.
  • Has access to the most relevant and most valuable knowledge available to help you gain a sustainable competitive advantage at an affordable cost.
  • Manage your risks.
  • Minimise your tax.
  • Maximise your after-tax cash flow
  • Actively helps you grow your business profits and perhaps most importantly, who
  • Understands what it's like for a small business owner in today's competitive environment, and has tools and processes that are created with your business in mind, and above all
  • Minimise the time you personally spend in the business

Assisting clients to achieve and keep there focus is what we call profit architecture. So whether your goal is to build your business, manage taxation or create wealth, AKA Group  will work with you to create the most appropriate solution to achieve your goal.


At AKA Group we see you as not only a business owner but also as a person with outside interests that needs to balance personal with professional life.

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