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Who is AKA Group

AKA Group (previously A Kyri & Associates) was founded in 1997 by Anna Kyriacou, who at the age of 25 wanted to create a firm that approached accounting and business advisory with a difference. 

Having worked at larger firms of Chartered Accountants where the client was merely a number and someone that only visited their accountant once a year, Anna embarked on a grassroots approach with her own firm.  She believed and still does that the only way an advisor can really advise a client on how to manage their business for greater success was to allow herself to become part of her client's management team.  AKA Group are also early adopters of the power of cloud having joined the cloud movement back in 2009.

At AKA Group you do not get preached to but instead get mentored in reaching the pinnacle of success.

Though it is a cliché "Thinking Outside the Square" is what AKA Group love to do.  They approach all assignments with the same enthusiasm of a child in a toy shop for the very first time.

Anna's BIO

 · Bachelor of Commerce

· Chartered Tax Advisor- Taxation Institute of Australia

· Fellow Institute of Public Accountants



So if you are seeking more than your average accounting firms then join Anna & her team at AKA Group, you will not regret the move. Call us today on +61 2 8338-9600




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