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Welcome to the AKA Group

AKA Group is a  firm of accountants/business advisors located in Alexandria,  to become a client of AKA Group you do not need to be a Multi- National nor a High Net Worth Individual to seek our services, though we do service that market we are also committed to the small business owner or individual that wishes to take charge of there financial destiny.  At AKA Group we love working with you to achieve the success you are seeking, as we know that each one of you has a different definition of what success means and that the one size fits all approach does not work.  We approach each assignment from an overview position taking everything into account not just your tax obligations. At AKA Group we want to be the Team that  works with you to reach the level of success you desire.  We love... 

Making Ideas grow

To your success
Anna Kyriacou

The Cloud - is the future
Having your accounting data online is no longer just a fad. It makes for good business. Access your financial data from any location with internet access and have all key persons working on one the file for up to date live financial information to help you drive your business to new heights

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+61 2 8338 9600 a demo or if you currently run cloud how to maximise it.

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